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New Pulp Press

"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

New Pulp Press is a sister company of Absolutely Amazing eBooks

New Pulp Press: Bringing you the most original voices
in crime fiction, neo-noir and neo pulp.

Our newest and best-selling titles:

Haftmann Rules Sune Casts No Shadow

Our other insanely brilliant titles:

Bring Me The Head of Yorkie Goodman Words To Die ForSkull Fragments Forgotten Addiction The Forty Two 21 Tales almost gone Bad Bad Bad Bad Juju The Bastard Hand The Butcher's Granddaughter Capture Choice of Nightmares Crime Factory As I was cutting Death in Mexico Dust Devils Fever Kill IFlight To Darkness In Nine Kinds of Pain Rabid Child The Rapist While The Devil Waits The Bitch Night of the Furies The Good Life Soul Plumber