Paolo Sedazzari

Author, Paolo Sedazzari

Paolo has worked in media sales, as a journalist, a film-maker and a promoter of raves. His debut feature film, the black comedy horror The Toybox, was released on DVD to some critical acclaim, and is available for viewing for free (and legally) on
Recent work includes Everyone’s Wally a biographical documentary about Wally Hope the founder of the Stonehenge free festivals, who died under mysterious circumstances in 1975. The BMX Kid & The River Cult Murders is his first crime novel, based on a real life murder case and drawing on his experiences of working at the court house of Walton-on-Thames.
Paolo lives in West London with his wife, Sarah, and two cats – Dougie and Tallulah.

New Pulp Press

"Bullets, Booze and Bastards"

The BMX Kid & The River Cult Murders

by Paolo Sedazzari

$4.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

When recently promoted policeman Ferdy and his colleague Matt the Stat are called out to their first murder scene, they find a dead woman on the bank of the Thames. Her eyes have been gouged out and a tarot card -- 15 the Devil – has been stuffed in her mouth. Among the onlookers is the BMX Kid, a teenager who tells Ferdy about the curious swirling globe graffiti and the satanic rituals in Brooklands Parks. Discovering that the dead woman is a sex worker, Ferdy sends a man undercover to find why none of her friends have come forward. A second murder with the same modus operandi turns Ferdy’s investigation upside down, but the mysterious BMX Kid glides into the station to once again offer information.

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