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Current Titles:

The Forgotten Addiction The Good Life by Frank Wheeler, Jr. The Forty-Two by Ed Kurtz Phone Call From Hell & Other Tales of the Damned by Jonathan Woods Capture by Roger Smith Dust Devils by Roger Smith The Bitch by Les Edgerton Night of the Furies by J.M. Taylor The Last of the Smoking Bartenders by C.J. Howell Hard Bite by Anonymous-9 The Fever Kill by Tom Piccirilli The Rapist by Les Edgerton Frank Sinatra in a Blender by Matthew McBride Ugly Behavior by Steve Rasnic Tem A Death in Mexico by Jonathan Woods Hell on Church Street by Jake Hinkson In Nine Kinds of Pain by Leonard Fritz Crime Factory: The First Shift edited by Keith Rawson, Cameron Ashley, and Jimmy Callaway badbadbad by Jesús Ángel García The Bastard Hand by Heath Lowrance The Science of Paul: A Novel of Crime by Aaron Philip Clark 21 Tales by Dave Zeltserman Almost Gone by Stan Richards While the Devil Waits by Jackson Meeks The Butcher's Granddaughter by Michael Lion As I Was Cutting and Other Nastinesses by LV Rautenbaumgrabner A Choice of Nightmares by Lynn Kostoff Bad Juju & Other Tales of Madness and Mayhem by Jonathan Woods Rabid Child by Pete Risley